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if you the type to say:

  • it’s not a riot it’s a rebellion
  • he was about to go to college
  • he was unarmed
  • we need to reform the police
  • looting hurts the cause
  • he didn’t shoplift
  • he wasn’t in a gang
  • he was only 18
  • rioting is just as bad
  • they’re destroying their own community
  • destroying property is not violence
  • "non-violent protest"
  • "peaceful protest"
  • anything about MLK
  • reverent things about law, cops, courts, prison etc
  • disrespectful shit about criminals, thugs, animals, rioters, vandals, looters etc

or any other liberal shit, and you don’t wanna get judged for being a chump, don’t let me hear it


In the early hours of August 11th we sprayed “RIP MIKE BROWN” on the door of a police sub-station in Philadelphia.

Micheal Brown was a young black man killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri yesterday. The police regularly kill black and latino men and boys, and Micheal’s death is not unusual in terms of policing.

We took this action to memorialize Micheal Brown’s life and also as a gesture of solidarity and complicity with the rioters in the St Louis area, as well as all others attacking the police, white supremacy, the state, and capital. - Philadelphia: Substation Vandalized in Solidarity with Ferguson Rioters

"Attacking the protesters will result in the release of personal information on every single member of the Ferguson police department, [We] will seize all your databases and email spools and dump them on the Internet.

"This is your first and last warning." - Anonymous, #OpFerguson’s-anti-police-riot